What People Say About Seung Ah

“Storyteller Seung Ah Kim first introduced the traditional Korean intangible cultural asset through a centuries-old folk musical storytelling called Pansori at the 34th Toronto Storytelling Festival, which is the second oldest storytelling festival in the world. Until before I met Seung Ah I didn’t know about The Toronto Storytelling Festival at all. She has been invited to the annual Toronto Storytelling festival since 2008 for the introduction of traditional Korean culture through stories and cultural performances. She is the first contemporary professional storyteller from Korea to perform in Canada. Canadians who are eager to enrich themselves with multi-cultures really ap- preciate her true professionalism. Her dedication to promoting Korean culture through storytell- ing has been pivotal in helping Canadians including those of Korean root to (re)discover Korean culture. Her storytelling interests all ages, whether male or female.“

“We really appreciated the performers’ life story which we cannot hear anywhere else.”

“Your expressive and beautiful storytelling is still engraved in my memory"

“I just fell in love with Korean culture.”