About Seung Ah

Inspired by the folktales her grandmother told her as a child, Seung Ah tells Korean folk stories in a dynamic and interactive way that engages audiences of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Her performances combine traditional Korean folktales and mythology with contemporary life stories. She weaves Korean stories with stories from other countries.

‘Arirang Storytelling/Pansori Concert' reflects Seung Ah’s dedication to, and enthusiasm for, Korean traditional storytelling. Her creative and stimulating performances captivate audiences, bring people together and enhance cross-cultural communication.

Seung Ah's aim is to make audiences curious about this aspect
of Korean culture and art form.

Seung Ah founded ‘Arirang Storytelling Concert’ in memory
of her grandmother after she passed away and was left with a letter her grandmother wrote to her...


To my darling, Seung Ah

You cried a lot when you were small. Every time that happened, I was on your side and I told your mom, “Let me soothe her. Don’t worry. I will give her an eo-bu-ba (piggyback).” Then I carried you on my back and would go out to the yard and start to sing a lullaby. However you didn’t stop crying so I began to tell you a story even though you couldn’t talk at all. I was sure that you could understand because you were listening to me. Surprisingly you stopped crying and listened to my story.

As you know I am a person who really likes to read books and loves stories. That’s why it was another special moment to discover that my lovely grand daughter really likes to listen to stories.

You grew more and more. And I grew older and older. I spent most of my time watching TV in my room and you found that I was too old to read. You came to me and said, “Hal-mo-ni (grannny), can I tell you a story?” It was another special moment for me; I realized my lovely little listener became my storyteller. I listened to your stories. You made me smile.

But your stories will go on. It is another special moment that we learned that both of us are storytellers and our stories always will continue beyond the birth or death. Stories are life itself. And life is a painful but a beautiful journey from birth to death and also from death to birth.

I hope you will enjoy all the stories of your journey. My lovely listener and storyteller Seung Ah, as long as you tell stories, your listener I will be.

With much much love,
Your Hal-mo-ni (grannny)