Mastering Your Story

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Facilitators : Celia Lottridge, Seung Ah Kim

This class will take the participants through the process of choosing a Korean story to learn and tell in English, telling the story informally, hearing the responses and questions of other group members and finally telling the story to an audience.
The stories may be Korean traditional stories, stories from Korean history or from the family history of the storyteller.
The class will:
• Give participants a chance to explore their chosen story more deeply by telling it to the group, and then hearing the responses and thoughts of other class members
• Give the participants the experience of telling a Korean story with an awareness of how the story will be understood by listeners around the world and how to make it meaningful to these non-Korean listeners.
• Practice listening to the stories being learned by other class members and then expressing your responses and thoughts to the teller in a way that will be helpful to the teller.
• Dates: October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 + Gala Concert (gala date TBD)
• Time: 8pm - 11pm KST
• 5 Sessions * 3 hours = 15 hours + 3 hour Gala Concert & Certificate Presentation Ceremony
Total: 18 Hours
• 4 - 8 participants
• 650,000 KST +VAT
* Early Bird: 583,000 KRW

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