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The first ever online professional K-Storytellers’ training courses specially designed by Korea’s first and leading storytelling company Arirang Storytelling and The Storytellers School of Toronto, one of the oldest storytelling schools in the world.

This program is specially designed for telling Korean stories!

Equal parts workshop and story circle, the K-Storytelling Certificate Program will help you develop a knowledge of storytelling practices and fascinating cultural insights. 

Through the rich heritage of Korean stories, you will expand your repertoire with a selection of traditional and timeless tales from The Tiger Peninsula, each one rich with wisdom.

The skills you'll develop in this course suit a wide variety of pursuits and passions, from education, to sales, and even the simple human joy of conversation. Everyone has something to gain!

For an overview of the specific programs, check out the Curriculum page for course 1, 2, and 3.

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Refund policy: To ensure the most people attend the class as possible, please request withdrawal 72 hours before the lecture to ensure a swift refund.