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You will instantly fall in love with Seung Ah's stories--not only the folklore she tells (which is very interesting and entertaining), but also her life stories. There is depth in her composure, and it adds beauty to her performance.

I watched one of Seung Ah's performances in a storytelling festival, and joined her Korean storytelling workshop. It was very educational and fun, as we got to learn types of Korean stories and listened to some of them. I then gained the confidence to do my own Korean storytelling event, and let the audience tried dried persimmons (which were a significant part of one story I told). The children loved the experience because it was a whole new world for them.

I am very excited with the online class, and hope to learn more from Seung Ah!

- Gabriella Santoso | Storyteller, Therapist, Vocalist, Author | Indonesia

“Seung Ah Kim’s workshop at Sydney’s International Storytelling Conference was a joy. It was very informative; a sharing of knowledge and an exploration of Korean culture. It was also a practical session in which I got to play and practice and add a new story to my repertoire with confidence and depth. Thank you Seung Ah, for your generous sharing of culture and valuable teaching. I will always remember you!”

- Jill Webster |Australia | Storyteller

Lynda Howes

I was fascinated by storytelling, but after the course I can say that I have fallen in love with storytelling. I learned the intimacy between the storyteller and “their” story or the characters in the story. The course gave me a confidence to start learning stories. If the storyteller feels the story, it is easy to learn and remember.

- Sarah Abusarar EGS Practicum at P-CMG

I was happy to witness strong facilitation in action. I felt that we were gently yet effectively led along on our own storytelling journey in a way that made it truly meaningful. The second thing I liked most was the sense of play. I loved having the chance to slow down over these past 3 days in a manner that strongly encouraged reflection and active listening. I got just as much out of listening to others as I did while working on my own story. The course reminded me just how fun it is to take time out for myself. Over the past 2 years all the professional development activities I’ve done had a lot to do with networking. I didn’t feel that this was the case this weekend and consequently I was able to enjoy meeting, sharing and learning from everyone involved all the more. This has truly been one of the most healing things I’ve done in a long while.

- Jessica Rovito TPL

I feel far more confident in my ability to tell a story. I also feel that this course will change (positively) the way I read and interact with stories. I think I’ll get more out of that now! I’m looking forward to occasions when I get to tell stories in future. I also learned some great stories!

- Thomas Krzyzanowski TPL

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