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Professional K-Storytelling Certificate Courses

Equal parts workshop and story circle, the K-Storytelling Certificate Program will help you develop a knowledge of storytelling practices and fascinating cultural insights. 

Through the rich heritage of Korean stories, you will expand your repertoire with a selection of traditional and timeless tales from The Tiger Peninsula, each one rich with wisdom.

The skills you'll develop in this course suit a wide variety of pursuits and passions, from education, to sales, and even the simple human joy of conversation. Everyone has something to gain!

Meet our teachers:

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Lynda Howes

For over 40 years Lynda Howes has been an active member of Toronto’s storytelling community. As Co-resident Teacher of The Storytellers School of Toronto, she has contributed to the design and development of the curriculum.

Seung Ah Kim

Seung Ah is a contemporary professional Korean storyteller. She has introduced storytelling as an art form in Korea, and is establishing a storytelling school, Arirang Storytelling.

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Celia Lottridge

Celia Lottridge was one of the storytellers who founded The Storytellers School of Toronto in 1979. She has taught many storytelling courses at all levels including the Master Class, which she designed and initiated.


Arirang Nights of Storytelling


The first ever online professional K-Storytellers’ training courses specially designed by Korea’s first and leading storytelling company Arirang Storytelling and The Storytellers School of Toronto, one of the oldest storytelling schools in the world.

Our master storytellers:


Lynda Howes

For many years, Lynda worked with Seniors who came to Canada from all over the world encouraging them to remember, to shape, and to retell their stories. In 2003, working with 24 storytellers, she produced and directed the complete retelling of Homer’s Odyssey (24 Books) over six consecutive days

Seung Ah Kim
She has performed in more than 18 countries on 5 continents. In 2019, she received a Global Culture Award as a cultural storyteller ambassador at the first Arirang Korea Awards. She founded Arirang Storytelling in memory of her grandmother.

Celia Lottridge

Celia has been a featured storyteller at every Toronto Storytelling Festival since 1979. The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, co-founded by Celia in 1986, is offered across Canada, Australia, Iran, and Afghanistan. She is the author of Ten Small Tales, The Name of the Tree, and Ticket to Curlew among others.

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About Us

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“Seung Ah Kim’s workshop at Sydney’s International Storytelling Conference was a joy. It was very informative; a sharing of knowledge and an exploration of Korean culture. It was also a practical session in which I got to play and practice and add a new story to my repertoire with confidence and depth. Thank you Seung Ah, for your generous sharing of culture and valuable teaching. I will always remember you!”​

Jill Webster |Australia | Storyteller
Sarah Abusarar EGS Practicum at P-CMG

I was fascinated by storytelling, but after the course I can say that I have fallen in love with storytelling. I learned the intimacy between the storyteller and “their” story or the characters in the story. The course gave me a confidence to start learning stories. If the storyteller feels the story, it is easy to learn and remember.

Thomas Krzyzanowski TPL

I feel far more confident in my ability to tell a story. I also feel that this course will change (positively) the way I read and interact with stories. I think I’ll get more out of that now! I’m looking forward to occasions when I get to tell stories in future. I also learned some great stories!

Seung Ah is both true to the cultural story and able to seamlessly weave in her personal story which creates deep impact on her audience because they can more clearly see themselves in this journey too. Transformative. And what makes Seung Ah so special is the depth of heart, mindfulness and beauty she brings into every tale she tells.

Highly recommended."

- Kristin Pedemonti | Award-winning Storyteller & Founder of Steer Your Story | USA


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